Jewelry: What All The Men Are Wearing This Season

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Jewelry: What All The Men Are Wearing This Season

Polished Classico chain. Miniymalist leather. Punk rock platinum.

2018 is the year of wearing your love for luxury on your sleeve (literally —bracelets for men are in this year.)

And whether you’re used to sporting gold, titanium, and diamonds or not, if you’re a trendsetter, these are the styles you’ll be seeing from the runways of Paris to the streets of Brooklyn this spring.

Pure Minimalism.

Complete your slim tie–short slacks look up this spring with minimalist pieces for the finger, wrist, and neckline.

For example, choose a single gold or silver ring, and allow delicate touches of fine metal to sparkle in the sunshine on your finger as you walk down the street on a fresh April day.

Conversely, flaunt a single chain of gold as it lightly graces your collarbones and hides beneath a linen button-down, showing just enough to give a hint of its fine, handmade quality.

On the wrist, the delicate Incatenamento Bracelet 306 looks stunning on any man, and as the weather gets warmer, and those shirt sleeves roll up, you’ll be sure to turn heads when passersby spot your bling.

Incatenamento Bracelet 306_5

It’s simple. It’s pure. It’s minimalism.

Leather Force.

Men into bodybuilding and athletics will especially appreciate this trend: leather bracelets that show off those muscular forearms you’ve worked so hard for. In fact, nothing highlights your manly strength quite like a button-down shirt, rolled up twice at the sleeves and a bold leather bracelet strapped about the wrist.

From Sauro, we like the Big Leather Silver Bracelet 368, which emphasizes the spheres beneath the leather. There’s also thinner and more affordable Thin Leather Silver Bracelet 363, which mixes leather with silver for a studded look. Choose from brown or black leather to complement your wardrobe.

Thin Leather Silver Bracelet 363_5

Bangles, Baby.

Bangles are back. Or were they never gone?

Either way, we’re loving them this season, and buyers are flocking to choose the most unique bangle bracelets to complement their wardrobe.

The men gold bracelets in the bangle-style appeal to most, are looking for ways to layer their wrists. Therefore, we recommend choosing at least one bangle made of titanium or silver and pairing it with several bangles made of leather or cord. This way, you won’t get an audible “bangle sound” with your bracelets if that doesn’t appeal to you.

Shine Bright.

The diamond bracelet men’s fashion stylists are loving are vibrant and brilliant — sure to catch the eyes of passersby. Gone are the days when women were the only ones who could sparkle in the sun.

For something as diamond-tastic as you can imagine, let us introduce one of the most brilliant rotating rings from Sauro’s line: The Rotante Octagonal Diamond Ring, available in silver, rose, or gold and featuring five luxurious layers of brilliantly-sparkling diamonds. The piece is also available in black diamonds.

Looking for something with less of a blinding sparkle for your finger? May we suggest the three layer variant, also available in rose, silver, or gold ad in white or black diamonds.

Of course, necklaces and bracelets can also be purchased with diamonds for men. The Sphera Diamonds Wood Bracelet 351, for example, is a ball bracelet tied with diamonds instead of string or knots. Choose from silver or gold detail.

Sphera Diamonds Wood Bracelet 351_5

Engage in Ring Envy.

The engagement ring isn’t just for girls anymore.

As trends evolve and heterosexual marriages become the norm, we’ve been seeing men’s engagement rings become the biggest trend of 2017 and 2018. It’s no longer a shock if a woman proposes to her man with a men’s engagement ring, and it’s certainly no surprise that men are proposing to their male partners.

Interested? The good news here is that there are no rules when it comes to choosing engagement rings for men. Just be sure to choose a style and feel that speaks to you — or your partner. Diamonds or not, select a ring that is unique and different from your other rings as well. Unlike boring men’s wedding bands, it’s better if you can actually tell these rings apart from other men’s engagement rings.

Also make sure it’s built to last. You’re creating a new life together that will hopefully last for decades. Make sure your ring will last just as long.

Rotate Your Style.

Functional jewelry — pieces that move — provide a centerpiece to your jewelry wardrobe that is sure to start conversations. Unlike women, who have numerous elements of their ensemble to adjust and play with as they stand in line for coffee or wait for the elevator, men are left without a “toy” to amuse themselves with.

Enter the Rotante Octagonal Ring, available in numerous material colors and combinations or with layers of diamonds or gobbes to add a more personal flair. The center rotates, providing the wearer with the opportunity to twist and turn the ring, and making a brilliant alternative to constantly checking your phone for want of something to do with your hands.

Rotante Octagonal Ring_5

Neck Bejeweled.

We’re bringing it back old school to one of the most traditional jewelry trends for men, which has seen a renaissance in recent years: The single chain necklace.

Once a staple of a man’s wardrobe and especially popular among boxers, rappers, basketball players, and crooners, the chain necklace is simple, glittering, and effective as a male statement piece. We love the slender delicacy of the Classico Necklace 76. But you won’t go wrong with a bolder Classico Necklace 188 for a more masculine look either. Choose from gold, silver, or a mix of the two.

Classico Necklace 100_3

Pair with a button-up linen or chambray shirt, buttoned down a few extra notches to show off your bling. You can also wear successfully with a lower-cut V-neck shirt, but we don’t recommend wearing your necklace over a shirt or sweater. That’s just too reminiscent of 1994, and those styles haven’t quite made it back into our good graces yet.

Tailored Genius.

Finally, it’s always fashionable to have clothes and accessories that fit you and fit well. Therefore, custom bracelets for men and tailored necklaces and rings are definitely in this year. Consider having your own piece tailored to your particular style and size by Sauro Jewelry.

With bracelets for example, you’ll want a bangle or even a chain to sit nicely on your lower forearm and be able to move along your wrist just enough to look stylish and not risk falling off or catching on something and breaking.

Sauro Jewelry is proud to offer tailoring services for all types of jewelry pieces. Of course, you can choose your own ring size from our large selection of rings, but go here if you’re not sure how to measure your finger or another ring to get the perfect size. For bracelets and necklaces, various sizes are available as well. You can also use the sizing chart to measure existing pieces you like or measure your wrist or neck for the perfect fit.

If you would like a piece tailored to exactly fit, any of the pieces we have available ca be customized. Sauro can even create completely new and dedicated pieces that are purely your own!

This Spring, Buy Italian Handmade. Buy Sauro.

Desired by many, attained by few, Sauro is a brand that jewelry trendsetters and style icons around the world know and love.

It’s the detail of Sauro jewelry that makes it truly exquisite.

Each piece is designed to fulfill a unique function, to make the product stand the test of time, and hold its original shape and finish even after decades of wear. These are the pieces you pass down to your children and grandchildren. These are the pieces that turn heads and start conversations.

As with many great works of art, each bracelet, necklace, and ring begins with a simple sketch in pencil. Here, it’s just a thought. Just a plan. But soon, it will be a living work of art, adorning the finger of a successful banker in London, the wrist of a sculpture in Brooklyn, or maybe you.

As the piece moves through the elaborate system of jewelry manufacturing by hands long-seasoned in these skills, unique mechanical components and precision production come together to create what are some of the finest jewelry pieces in the world. Indeed, the quality standards at Sauro jewelry are matched by only a few other companies on earth, and of course, all Sauro jewelry creations are made in Italy from beginning to end.

Sauro enjoys the pleasure of two main offices — one located in Toronto, Canada and the other located in Vicenza, Italy. Our craftsmanship and unique pieces are available at both locations and with various other retailers around the world.

If you would like to discover the beauty of Sauro tailoring and the synergy of creativity between the Sedazzari, Sapir, and Dana families who created this brand for yourself, browse the pieces we have available.

Our exquisite designer pieces make excellent gifts for friends and loved ones and will certainly make a powerful addition to your own jewelry collection as well.