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Introducing the ALL NEW


Masterfully crafted and inspired from SAURO's classic skull collection, PIRATA sails back into the lineup featuring silver designs derived from the original spherical skull, strongly defined by its sharp geometric form.

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SAURO's lightweight honeycomb bangle, engineered for simplicity, crafted in 18kt luxury.

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Hand crafted in italy

Desired by many and attained by few. A bold Italian men’s Jewelry brand that follows no fads, no trends or fashion, and makes a powerful statement.

Precision Engineering

Every detail of a SAURO jewel is designed to fulfill a particular function and to hold its shape and finish over time. All SAURO creations are patented.

Carbon Fiber Collection

Using lightweight advanced materials to achieve the perfect balance of luxury

Sauro Craftsmanship

Sauro Craftsmanship

It begins with a pencil sketch and slowly moves through an elaborate system of manufacturing

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Gold Bangles Collection

Discover our passion. Our craftsmanship. Building on the past to create the future