A jewel does not come from the random encounter of taste, craft, tradition and precious materials, but from the identification of a conceptual mold able to generate boundless sequences of objects. A jewel is the outcome of a continuous process of research, intuition and synthesis.

Ivo Sedazzari

Ivo Sedazzari entered the goldsmith industry in 1978, almost casually, after thirty years of professional experiences in all areas of communication: marketing, packaging, strategy, business image and business objectives, product strategy and formal characterization. His advertising and design agency was called Publiesse and was in Milan. Prior to founding Sauro, Sedazzari became known as goldsmith designer for creating many successful collections for prestigious companies, such as Baraka for which he was also the inventor of the name. Key elements of Sedazzari’s creations include the new version of the Cardan Joint, the alternate orthogonal movement, so called in memory of its inventor Sir Girolamo Cardano in the XVI century, now a classic in the world of jewelry.


The Sauro logo is characterized by a racing golden horse. The name Sauro is the combination of the S in Sedazzari and the Latin word for gold, “auro”. Sauro is also the name of the mythological horse with the golden coat.


Every detail of a Sauro jewel is designed to fulfill a particular function and to hold its shape and finish over time. All Sauro creations are patented. Product designs begin with a pencil sketch and move through an elaborate system of manufacturing, which is continuously improving in order to achieve the highest quality standards. We source manufacturing to a selection of the best Italian factories specializing in product development with specific materials. All Sauro products are manually assembled and 100% MADE IN ITALY.


Sauro's "headquarters" is located in Vicenza, Italy. Commercial is structured through two main offices, one in Vicenza (Italy) and one in Toronto (Canada). The Sauro team is based on synergistic collaboration between the Sedazzari, Sapir, Dana families and every employee who believes in our project.


Rather than focusing on Sedazzari’s biography, we prefer to let his jewels speak. Understanding his intuitions and methodology leads to explaining the creation of Sauro's latest collections.

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