Scott Jewelers

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Address: 1220 Kings Highway Brooklyn, New York 11229 United States

Phone: +1 (315)-985-4198

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Sauro Jewelry at Scott Jewelers

Schedule an appointment with a jewelry consultant at Scott Jewelers and try on these or other popular Sauro jewelry items

Gomma Bracelet 300D

Large Gomma Bracelet 314A

Classico Necklace 100

Dealer's Pick - Minisphera Diamonds Bracelets

Scott Jewelers in Brooklyn embodies everything the Sauro brand stands for. Quality and innovation are the fundamental assumptions of Sauro Jewelry. Carrying quality and innovative jewelry is why Brooklyn’s most trusted jewelry store itself has been in business for over 30 years. Get to the heart of Brooklyn and you’ll find a place that is the first jewelry shopping stop for classy New Yorkers and chic visitors to the Big Apple. Once you’ve followed the same path as thousands of other fashion-forward men have travelled ask one of the Mittleberg brothers about Sauro’s Minisphera & classic rubber bracelets lines to complement your casual or formal looks with elegance and style. Scott Jewelers only carries the best jewelry – which is why we’re proud to have them on board as an Authorized Sauro Dealer.
Give yourself the gift of elevated style and add a Sauro bracelet to your ensemble by calling (315) 985-4198 or visiting 1220 Kings Highway in Brooklyn.

Scott Jewelers

1220 Kings Highway,
Brooklyn, New York 11229, United States

Call: +1 (315)-985-4198