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Address: Lincoln Road Mall, 1024 Lincoln Rd. Miami Beach, Florida 33139 United States

Phone: +1(305)7049775

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Sauro Jewelry at V.A.U.L.T.

Schedule an appointment with a jewelry consultant at V.A.U.L.T. and try on these or other popular Sauro jewelry items

Minisphera Carbon Fiber Bracelet 358

Incatenamento Diamonds Bracelet 350

Arpione Titanium Diamond Bangle 303

Dealer's Pick - Minisphera Diamonds Bracelets

Sauro Men’s Jewelry, created with a “Made in Italy” guarantee from the world’s most unique precious metals and diamonds, is now available at Vault in South Beach. Just like Sauro, Vault is the most unique combination of luxuries and one of the crown jewels of the Lincoln Road shopping strip. The store is dripping in South Beach luxury. Vault is the place men visit to find gadgets, eyewear and jewelry they can’t find ANYWHERE else in SoBe. Looking for that bracelet to drape your wrist as you make your way to Ocean Drive for a night out? Your search starts and ends at Vault. When you get there, take a look at a Sauro Minisphera bracelet to see for yourself why it is THE brand for men looking to step up their fashion game.
Give us a call at (305) 704-9775 and ask us about our exciting line of Sauro Men’s Jewelry.


Lincoln Road Mall, 1024 Lincoln Rd.,
Miami Beach, Florida 33139, United States

Call: +1(305)7049775