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The Changing Role of the Wristwatch in Men’s Fashion

A few decades ago, timepieces were seen as a staple within a classy man’s wardrobe. A beautiful watch carrying a prohibitive price tag was interpreted as the epitome of male elegance, class, prestige, social status, and power.

As a matter of fact, not too long ago, truly fashion-forward people were the ones who invested in an extremely valuable collection of timepieces featuring different luxury watches in several styles, shapes, and sizes.

These practical adornments were selected to match key outfits in one’s wardrobe, and turn the writs area into a place to make a prominent fashion statement on certain special occasions, such as important industry events, galas, cocktail parties, and casual dinners with friends and family.

Are Classic Wristwatches Gradually Becoming Obsolete?

Since smartphones have become incredibly popular as an indispensable tool for any respectable businessmen, many stylish men have started reconsidering the overall aesthetic and practical value of their timepieces. While some still hold on to keepsakes that have been passed on from one generation to another, others contemplate smart watches that reflect the perfect blend between a polished appearance ensured by a superior craftsmanship and the use of premium materials, and an important purpose-timekeeping.

However, according to experts, the widespread adoption of smartphones has affected the popularity of wristwatches, especially among young buyers, who see their high-tech phones as the modern-day equivalent of pocket watches. As a result, luxury wristwatches are now associated more with high-end fashion, and less with timekeeping.

High-End Designer Jewelry Pieces Seen as Substitutes for Classic Wristwatches

Considering that time is now embedded everywhere, from iPhone screens to coffeemakers, some argue that the glory days of elegant, classic wristwatches are fading. While Apple and several other companies are striving to reinvent and upgrade wristwatch designs revolving around clean lines and technological advancements, skeptics are inclined to think that their strategy won’t yield the desirable results, considering that pockets offer a higher level of security and privacy of treasured time telling pieces. In this context, what are the adornments that modern, stylish men rely on to beautify their wrists, and reflect their impeccable sense of style and refinement?

The list of choices is virtually endless. Men looking for timeless embellishments that go beyond ephemeral trends usually focus on finding luxury designer bracelets made of precious metals, such as gold, platinum, and silver. A black diamond men’s bracelet is one of the most versatile high-end pieces of jewelry that one could wear to complement a smart-casual or formal attire in a sophisticated, yet classy and unostentatious manner.

Men’s bangles have made a comeback, including the iconic diamond men’s bracelets made of white or yellow gold introduced by Sauro, are remarkable statement-makers that allow their wearers to make a grand entrance. Paired with a discrete wedding band or a matching ring adorned with diamonds, the luxury Sauro bracelets are an excellent choice for those looking to ditch the wristwatch.