Rewind: Looking Back at the History of Men’s Bracelets

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Rewind: Looking Back at the History of Men’s Bracelets

Bracelets are not new to men’s fashion, far from it. In fact, jewelry has been used since metalworking was first discovered to mark status and as payment for trade. Many warrior traditions used metal armband for armor and to denote value. In some cultures, bangles were made as currency to trade for food, housing and animals. In more recent history, bracelets have been used for important medical alert status and as identification, sometimes in place of the dog tag pendants the U.S. military uses today.

Jewelry as Status Symbol

In countries ruled by royalty, a monarch’s jewelry often denoted their rank as well as gave them the power to command. The rings of kings and lesser nobles were used to stamp their seal into important documents. Men’s unique rings were worn as rewards from their leader or to show that they had been promoted to a new position. Custom men’s bangles could show their country or region of origin and whether they were an ally or enemy.

Modern Status Symbols

Although commerce is rarely completed through the exchange of gold or other precious metals anymore, the use of jewelry as a status symbol is still significant. In countries with monarchies, rings denote power and position still. In the United States, rings are given as rewards for sports teams and for business success as well as to show relationship status. Luxury designer men’s jewelry, like men designer bracelets also is worn for pleasure, but still has the connotation of a status symbol. Wearing luxury items displays wealth and the ability to enjoy the rewards of hard work and success.

Collecting Luxury Men’s Bracelets

It is highly fashionable to have a men’s jewelry collection nowadays. Watches, necklaces and custom men’s bangles can be collected, stored carefully and worn to show off pieces of your collection. Unlike many types of collectibles, jewelry does not degrade with time. Jewelry goes up in value as long as the materials have value and the piece is in good condition. It is not difficult to keep your luxury jewelry collection in top-notch condition. With regular cleaning and proper storage, jewelry can stay beautiful indefinitely. Jewelry is also unique in that wearing it helps keep it in good condition. Only the loss of stones or damage of the jewelry brings down the price. Some precious metals are prone to oxidation which can discolor metal temporarily. Gold does not tarnish so only needs minimal polishing and cleaning of dust over time.

Selecting Luxury Men’s Jewelry to Collect

Jewelry is a personal purchase. It is a reflection of your taste and style. While other people can advise to as to the value or popularity of a piece of jewelry, only you can decide if you like it or not. As you build your collection of men’s jewelry including rings, bracelets and necklaces, consider why you want to collect each piece and how it adds to your collection and wardrobe. Jewelry is made to be worn, so you should add pieces that you want to wear. Custom men’s jewelry is always a choice that you can make, giving you the opportunity to have something unique to your legacy.