Men’s Engagement Rings? A Guide to This New High-End Trend

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Men’s Engagement Rings? A Guide to This New High-End Trend

Of the two individuals in a relationship, it’s the man who usually puts forth most of the effort in locating the perfect engagement ring for his bride. He hems-and-haws over the cut, clarity, carat, and color. He perhaps even sneaks a glance into his lady’s jewelry box to see the type and style of jewelry she tends to like — possibly even asking her mother or sister for advice.

But times are changing. Today, men and women still get married, of course. Engagement rings for brides-to-be are still picked out by head-over-heels-in-love men.

But today, homosexual marriages are just as common at heterosexual marriages. Men are searching for the perfect engagement designer mens rings,  for their soon-to-be husbands, and some women may decide that they want to propose. In the latter case, women would be the ones hemming-and-hawing over engagement rings for their soon-to-be husbands. It’s happening everywhere.

All of this means that style trends within the realm of men’s jewelry are shifting — particularly with wedding bands and the newly popular men’s engagement ring. Furthermore, whether you’re buying rings for men in-store or rings for men online, the selection has broadened considerably.

Gone are the days of simple, flat bands in white or yellow gold. The men’s rings Brooklyn residents want, for example, are unique, bold, and distinctive. They involve multiple colors and finishes. They have texture. They cater to the unique style of the man instead of being a boring staple that is the same for every guy who’s ever gotten married. And that’s a good thing.

Times Are Changing: A History of Engagement Rings

For hundreds of years and especially throughout the latter half of the 20th century and into the 21st century, men typically wore one ring to show they were married. This was the wedding band: simple, understated, and dare we say — boring. Men have not traditionally worn an engagement ring to show that they were planning on getting married as this was a trend mostly set aside for women.

But today, an increasing number of men are indeed wearing engagement rings, and it seems this trend is taking off. Whereas women were the only ones to wear engagement rings for most of modern history, men are now interested in expressing their intention for marriage with a ring.

In truth, this fits better with the history of the engagement ring, which actually dates back to the ancient Egyptians. At that time, couples would wed with rings made of braided reeds. Similar to today, these rings were put onto the ring finger of the left hand before marriage.

Why the left ring finger? It was said to have vein in it called the Vena amoris, which ran right to the heart.

Later, the Romans used engagement rings too, but similar to the 21st century, it was mostly a women’s trend — albeit less romantic. The rings they exchanged, according to Pliny the Elder, signified the binding legal agreement between a bride and groom. The engagement ring was like a contract, and if it was broken by the man, the woman could technically sue for damages. After marriage, the woman was to wear an iron ring at home to signify that she was owned by her husband.

Birth of the Diamond: The Modern Engagement Ring

It all started with the discovery of diamonds, which occurred in 1880 in South Africa. You’re perhaps familiar with the famous ad campaign, “a diamond is forever.” This was launched by the ad agency of the DeBeers Mining club, who owned 90% of the world’s diamond production.

Today, the majority of major jewelry lines in the United States, Canada, and elsewhere around the world are engagement rings, and more than three-fourths of women get diamond engagement rings before they get married.

The “Management Ring”: Could Male Engagement Rings Take Off?

There actually was a campaign to encourage male engagement rings back in the 1940s. The campaign was launched by L. Bamburger & Co., which is now Macy’s, and their male engagement rings were marketed as “management rings.” They were bold, trendy, and just as today — aimed to express a man’s unique individuality.

Of course, management rings didn’t see great success. That’s why you’ve never heard of them.

Still, wait a few years, and this might all change. Indeed, male engagement rings are being marketed by an increasing number of jewelers — as are more stylized and unique wedding bands. After all, like women, why shouldn’t a man show his intention to wed the love of his life?

The Changing Face of Men’s Wedding Rings

Of course, men’s engagement rings don’t have a classic style per se — like the traditional one-diamond setting of a woman’s ring. Still, they’re more than just the boring wedding bands we usually see for men. And moreover, male wedding bands themselves are changing too.

For men, the wedding band has been simple and straightforward from the start. In fact, one man’s band looks almost exactly like another man’s. They’re all nearly identical. One of the only recent changes has been a new inclination for white gold over yellow gold in the last few decades. The band has stayed the same.

This could be changing, however. Today more than ever, men’s wedding bands are unique and stylish, defining the man’s personality the way a female engagement ring defines her personality and style.

As a man in 2018, it’s now easier and more acceptable for you to choose a wedding ring that defines your look and character. For example, consider a wedding band with actual dimension — an octagonal shape or a series of elevated diamonds. Gems can decorate the entire circumference of the rings or rest in a single position.

Finishes vary as well. A matte finish provides a less reflective surface with a more modern feel. On the other hand, a high polish finish is more traditional, and it shines and reflects to attract more attention. In essence, a high polish finish is flashier and more noticeable on the finger, but depending on your choice of gems and dimension, a matte finish can be just as bold as well.

There are also combination wedding bands to combine both high polish and matte textures, and other finishes, including satin, brushed, and hammered.

Ring engraving is another well-liked option. Some couples choose to have their fingerprints engraved onto each other’s rings, or small messages can be inscribed on the inside band — something only you and your soon-to-be spouse will have to keep.

Considerations When Purchasing Men’s Engagement Rings or Wedding Bands

It’s natural that at this moment in time, men’s engagement and wedding rings aren’t quite as stylized and lavish as women’s wedding rings. Still, there’s a wide variety of male wedding ring selections available. Here are some considerations to make when purchasing a men’s engagement ring or wedding band:

  • Material and Finish

Most of the best men’s rings come in either white or yellow gold; however, rose gold is currently making a popular comeback as well. Both gold options are excellent, but steer clear of sterling silver for an engagement or wedding band. You also have a choice between finishes (high polish, matte, brushed, satin, or hammered).

  • Diamonds and Features

Go the traditional route and choose a diamond for a man’s engagement ring, or decide on a different central feature, such as varied texture, facets, or different shades of gold.

Wedding bands can certainly have diamonds as well, and this is becoming increasingly popular for men. One stunning trend is a studded ring with diamonds all around the band. With this large number of small diamonds — as opposed to one large rock — you can achieve a subtler appearance and just the right amount of sheen and sophisticated polish.

  • Band Width

Finally, choose a band width that is comfortable for you. Often bands that are too wide tend to get in the way of your everyday activities. Still, men traditionally have bands of at least 3mm, and upwards of 4, 5, or 6mm is even more fitting for most men.

Choose Sauro for a Wide Variety of Unique Rings for Men Online

There’s no reason why a woman should wear a diamond engagement ring before getting married and a man shouldn’t. It shows intention and devotion to the person they love.

Similarly, an engagement ring can be catered to the unique flair and style of the woman. And as a man, it’s natural to want that too.

So why not show your love for each other and your unique style right from the start? Whether you’re a woman popping the question to her man or a man popping the question to his boyfriend, men’s engagement rings are an excellent idea.

Likewise, when shopping for men’s wedding rings, look for more stylized bands with bold color, texture, and gems. It’s worth it to choose a band that represents the unique you.

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