Wear It Right: 3 Trends for Donning Men’s Jewelry in 2018

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Wear It Right: 3 Trends for Donning Men’s Jewelry in 2018

The truth is, there are no rules where jewelry is concerned. The statement you make with your jewelry should be uniquely yours. From bangles and necklaces to earrings and rings, let the real you shine through with every luxury mens jewelry piece you wear.

On the other hand, if you’re floundering a bit as to how to wear your jewelry — or if you’re new to wearing stylized fashion jewelry in the first place — here are four 2018 rules to live by when it comes to styling men’s jewelry:

Rule #1 – Play With Tradition

You won’t see many men donning belly rings or delicate diamond engagement rings like women. And that’s okay, but it doesn’t mean that just because men don’t traditionally wear some jewelry pieces, they shouldn’t wear them at all.

Playing with tradition is the first rule of men’s jewelry in 2018 because frankly, times have changed. Men are no longer just wearing simple wedding bands and watches as the extent of their jewelry style. In fact, sales of Beverly Hills necklaces for men have risen sharply in just the last few years. Jewelry-wearing is on the rise for men, and trends are saying it’s only going to become more popular as we head into the 2020s.

Rule #2 – ABS: Always Be Stacking

Stacking has been a staple in women’s jewelry styling for a long time: stacked rings, numerous bracelets and bangles on one wrist, and a slew of ornate necklaces hanging in one glorious tangle, are styles that put a little edge on women’s look.

But of course men can do this too. When you shop and buy men’s necklaces, for example, don’t purchase just one. Instead, buy several and vary the finishes, sizes, and materials to create a complementary look around your neck that no one else will have.

Rule #3 – The Chain Necklace Is Always a Men’s Centerpiece

Women tend to gravitate toward earrings and rings, but for men, the centerpiece will always be the classic chain. Certainly, stacking chains, chokers, and pendant necklaces is one key way that 2018 men are styling their necklaces. But even if you just make sure you have that one true classic chain as wellthe one you wear all the time and never take off — you’re headed in the right direction.

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