Our Top 5 Choices for Affordable Handmade Jewelry Pieces This Spring

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Our Top 5 Choices for Affordable Handmade Jewelry Pieces This Spring

Looking for new designer jewelry for men? From men’s rings with diamonds that twist and rotate to bracelets that protect you from harm and make you look like a million bucks, this year’s trends are hardly boring. The best of them won’t even break the bank.

See our top 5 picks for the most elegant, handmade (and affordable) jewelry pieces for men this spring:

1. Rope Titanium Bracelet 311

The first bracelet was, in fact, a piece of rope tied around the wrist. In the Rope Titanium Bracelet 311, we have an ode to this first form of jewelry for men and several special features that naturally modernize the style.

The bracelet features thick and durable rope in four delicate bands, which them split into two and meet in two knots at the decoration of a titanium feature. On the feature, you’ll find the Evil Eye, a jewel first seen in Mesopotamia 5,000 years ago. Seen often in the largest and most well-known cultures around the world, the Evil Eye is said to protect the wearer by staring back into the eyes of harm. It is said to bring success, happiness, love, and wealth to the wearer.

2. MiniFlangia Titanium Bangle 307

For a less historical and more modern take on the bracelet, the MiniFlangia Titanium Bangle 307 fits the bill perfectly. Complicated technology and skilled craftsmanship come together in this piece to create a truly unique locking system that fits together perfectly.

3. Rotante Octagonal Ring

The Rotant Octagonal Ring adds dimension and something of a “play toy” to the more traditional men’s band. Indeed, the Rotant Octagonal Ring has been used itself as a wedding band for many fashion savvy men, providing a unique spin on what is usually a boring and rote piece that looks the same for every groom.

4. Rotante Gobbe Diamind Ring

For something with more flair and texture, the Rotante Gobbe Diamond Ring is another rotating ring that features the added brilliancy of diamonds. This ring pairs well with the Rotante Octagonal Ring in a stacking fashion or makes an excellent choice for a wedding ring on its own.

With the added bonus of diamonds, it can be perfect as a male engagement ring as well — something that is being seen more and more as wedding traditions evolve and old female-only-engagement ring trends fall away.

5. Ceramica Necklace 347

Slightly more costly, but totally worth the expense, is the Ceramica Necklace 347. This piece is the holy unification of symmetry, geometry, and modularity, featuring both gold and high-end ceramic in a traditional, yet state-of-the-art configuration. Available in either black or white ceramic.

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