Men’s Ceramic Jewelry? Yes! Finally, Men’s Jewelry Makes a Comeback

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Men’s Ceramic Jewelry? Yes! Finally, Men’s Jewelry Makes a Comeback

These days, it’s easy enough to see a man walking down the street with a wedding ring or gold watch on.

But necklaces? Bracelets? Not very often.

Until now.

An increasing number of men in Canada and around the world are embracing jewelry of all sorts — from bracelets and necklaces to rings and other bling.

Why? Three words: Men’s ceramic jewelry. It’s bringing finger, neck, and wrist adornments back in style, and the options are wide ranging and exceptionally unique. Let’s explore this new type of jewelry so you can see which pieces might add a new, exclusive element to your own jewelry wardrobe.

What Is Men’s Ceramic Jewelry?

When you think of ceramic, you probably think of ceramic tile, ceramic cups and saucers, ceramic artwork, or ceramic vases.

But what about ceramic jewelry?

In fact, ceramic jewelry is not made of the same ceramic you usually think of when you think of ceramic tile and ceramic vases. The type of ceramic used for ceramic jewelry is actually “titanium carbide.” It’s smooth, scratch-proof, shiny, and has a lovely luster. You can expect ceramic jewelry — ceramic necklaces or a ceramic bracelet, for example — to fit just as any other type of men’s jewelry material would. It’s super durable ad doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

Men’s jewelry — ceramic or not —often gets a bad rap. It’s been seen as too feminine, too punk, or too glitzy. Ceramic jewelry, however, brings a subtle and elegant (yet still masculine) element to men’s jewelry.

Men’s Ceramic Necklaces

Men’s ceramic necklaces are available in several colors, but we prefer black — one of the colors ceramic looks best in. Mix your ceramic necklace with a chain of white or yellow gold for added style. Sauro’s Ceramica Necklace 76 features black ceramic (although you can also choose white ceramic) and accents of white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold, which would pair perfectly with a simple gold chain.

Men’s Ceramic Bracelets

What about a ceramic bracelet?

For the best ceramic bracelet, Sauro also has several stylish choices available from their Ceramica Collection. Men’s ceramic bracelets tend to be superb because they are so durable, and as bracelets can often get caught on things, the strength of ceramic is ideal on the wrist.

We love the white ceramic bracelet from Sauro called the Ceramic Bracelet 76 (although the same bracelet in black ceramic is also charming). Again, choose from accents of yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold. And if you decide upon two ceramic bracelets, your other choice could also be the stunning Ceramic Bracelet 347 (also available in white or black ceramic).

Find Stunning Ceramic Men’s Jewelry at Sauro Jewelry

From ceramic bracelets to ceramic necklaces, Sauro Jewelry stocks a wide range of ceramic pieces to accent your wardrobe.

See the current collection of ceramic jewelry pieces available from Sauro here (The Ceramica Collection), and learn more about Sauro jewelry-making traditions and craftsmanship here.