The Updated Guide to Men’s Jewelry: 2019 Spring Edition

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Most men don’t have a problem dressing themselves up for a big event like a wedding or a special evening out. But when it comes to jewelry, the challenge is more acute. Even the most well groomed man can get into hot water when trying to decorate himself with the trendiest, most glamorous jewelry. After all, just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it looks good.

With this guide, we’ll aim to set the record straight once and for all. What jewelry should men be sporting this spring? Find out below.

Top to Bottom: Men’s Spring Jewelry Trends for 2019

We get it — navigating the world of men’s jewelry isn’t as breeze.

With nearly every piece, a certain understanding of what that piece should be worn with and how it should be styled and displayed is absolutely necessary. Women have it easier: a pair of hoops or diamond studs, a few stacking rings and some chain bracelets, perhaps a necklace or two. It’s all feminine, sparkly, and becoming.

Men, on the other hand, can often benefit with a bit of guidance. More than women’s styles, men’s jewelry trends are always changing. Let’s take a look at the current trends in mens necklaces, bracelets, and rings below.


You’re either a necklace guy — or you’re not.

Necklace guys enjoy wearing at least one chain at all times — even to the beach and in the shower. For these men, their chain is part of their skin, and they’ll never take it off.

Whether you’re a necklace guy looking to expand your necklace collection or someone who’s never worn a necklace in their life and wants to try one on for size, Sauro has the highest-end, most comfortable options. Chain necklaces are some of their staples.

Take, for example, Classico Necklace 6, a fabulously striking chain that will never outgrow your spring wardrobe. Like every Sauro chain, this piece stars geometry, symmetry, and modularity. It’s meant to be worn alongside any attire — excellent for a beach day on the Mediterranean or a quick spring espresso in the shade on a busy street in Paris.

Wear it out, wear in — just wear it. The Classico line wasn’t meant to be kept in a box. For a larger version of the Classico Necklace 6, try the Classico Necklace 76 or the Ceramica Necklace 347 for something a bit darker and broodier.


Bracelets and Bangles

Decorative and prominent, men’s bracelets should be tasteful. Gaudy, multi-colored bracelets are a no-go. The best mens bracelets are yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold. Of course, there are plenty of rubber, leather, and beaded options to choose from as well.

Select pieces that make you feel unique. A black diamond bracelet for men (or bangle), for example, offers up something truly unique: black diamonds. Much rarer than white diamonds, black diamonds allow men a much more unique and masculine spin on the classic. The Arpione Titanium Diamond Bangle 303, for instance, is strong and sturdy, yet also delicate and striking.

Chain bracelets are another highly-sought after mens bracelet trend for spring this year. Enjoy the light and delicate feel of a bracelet like the Incatenamento Bracelet 328, available in full white gold, white and rose gold, or white and yellow gold. The unique chaining effect of this bracelet is sure to turn heads and start conversations.

If you plan to buy bracelets online, the best thing is that you won’t have to do much size-guessing as is the case with rings especially. Most bracelets fit all men’s wrist sizes.


Finally rings. A man should wear his wedding ring if he has one, but is that all? We say no and so do the spring fashion trends of 2019.

What we’re seeing on spring runways is functional jewelry. Not rings that shoot lasers or order take-out, but those with a twist.

Case in point: Sauro’s Rotante Octagonal Ring — a ring that moves, a little toy, something grand to catch the eye of an attractive stranger or an envious foe. Make other men jealous with this new addition to your spring wardrobe. It’s available in yellow and white gold combination, simple white gold, or simple yellow gold.

Looking to attract more than envy? Allow your rotating ring to sparkle in the sun.

The Rotante Octagonal Diamond Ring features the same specialized rotating feature as the basic Rotante Octagonal Ring, but this time, with five flush rows of sparkling white diamonds.

Too flashy for your taste? May we introduce the ominous, yet superb black diamond version. Choose from the thicker, five-row style, or go with the slightly pulled back three-row black diamond Rotante.

Find Your Spring Jewelry Inspiration With Sauro

The power of jewelry is not just in what it looks like to the average passerby, to a date, or to coworkers and friends — how it matches or doesn’t, what sort of a glint it gives off in the sunlight, how big or small it is.

No, the power of jewelry lies in its mystery. Why that ring on that finger? Where did he get that chain? What could that man be like — the one with that intriguing bracelet on his right wrist?

Jewelry displays something about you — your charm, your sophistication, your class — without you having to utter a word. It works silently on your behalf to tell the people around you who you are and what you’re like. And once you hook ‘em with the intrigue of your jewelry pieces, you can do the rest.

Finding a jeweler whose pieces make people give you and your bracelets, rings, and necklaces a second glance is key. For any of the most sophisticated men around the world, Sauro is that jewel.

You’ve seen many of Sauro’s especially stunning jewelry pieces on display in the guide above. But there’s more where these came from. Check out Sauro’s full collections, and discover more about the origins of Sauro and how pieces are actually designed and manufactured.