Sauro looks to symbolize luxurious, designer men’s jewelry. Valuing the synergy of style, masculinity and function, the Sauro collection is a tour-de-force of craftsmanship and design. Sauro’s men’s designer jewelry collection is where art meets purpose. It is our desire to work with partners who understand the Sauro brand and how to properly communicate our message to men who value the finest things life has to offer.

We carefully select our retail partners and look for the same characteristics in them. A Sauro Authorized Partner is themselves synonymous with luxury, style and offer only the world’s best in designer men’s jewelry. Our partners embrace the growing role designer men’s jewelry is playing in overall men’s fashion trends worldwide - and look to satisfy this growing appetite for luxury men’s jewelry by adorning their clients with the finest in gold, diamond, leather and ceramic jewelry for men.

This mutually beneficial partnership can only be founded on principles of unrivalled quality and excellence - qualities Sauro has unmistakably become known for with our collection of world-class designer men’s rings, designer men’s bracelets and designer men’s necklaces. We also understand that, as a luxury jewelry store or designer men’s jewelry dealer yourself, you’re just as meticulous with the collections you showcase to your clientele.

To learn more about becoming an Authorized Sauro Partner, fill out the contact form on this page. One of our representatives will be in touch with you to discuss our collection and how it may be an ideal fit within your designer men’s jewelry offerings. We’re always looking to add to our list of esteemed partners. Just like our jewelry and the men that wear it proudly, let’s see if we can find the perfect fit to represent the quality each of our brands provides to our clientele.

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