David Orgell

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Address: 2659 Mission Street San Marino, California 91108 United States

Phone: + 1 (818) 213-2650

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Sauro Jewelry at David Orgell

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Eclisse Titanium Bangle 302

Fibra Diamond Bangle Ippopotamo

Minisphera Violet Amethyst Bracelet 358

Dealer's Pick - Minisphera Diamonds Bracelets

David Orgell has draped Hollywood stars in diamonds and gold since 1958. Male stars synonymous with masculinity like Stallone and Schwarzenegger have walked through their famed doors on Rodeo Drive when looking for the finest men’s jewelry in Beverly Hills. Sauro is proud to have David Orgell on-board as a Sauro Authorized Dealer. It is a testament to our quality craftsmanship and our “Made in Italy” difference that we’re showcased among the very best in men’s jewelry from across the globe. This is the ideal place for a “shopping date” with your significant other. Head into David Orgell on Rodeo Drive and find the PERFECT gift for that special someone in your life – and then ask for one of the bracelets from the Sauro line to give yourself a gift that highlights your need to be chic and fashionable whether at work or play.
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David Orgell

2659 Mission Street,
San Marino, California 91108, United States

Call: + 1 (818) 213-2650