What’s Back in Vogue in Men’s Fashion? Classic Jewelry Pieces

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What’s Back in Vogue in Men’s Fashion? Classic Jewelry Pieces

Choose an average man on an average street in Canada 10 years ago, and you probably wouldn’t find one piece of jewelry on their person.

Well, maybe a watch.

Or a wedding band.

But that’s probably it.

Today, however, go up to any man in Toronto or Vancouver, and your findings will likely be much different. In addition to a potential watch or wedding band, you’ll probably find they’re wearing one or few of a variety of jewelry pieces — especially young people.

But why this change in fashion trends? Is luxury jewelry really back in style?

In a word: Yes.

New Interest in Classic Men’s Jewelry Fashions

Much of the newfound interest in men’s jewelry fashions comes from millennials. Most non-millennials consider this generation a bunch of beanie-wearing youngsters. But these “youngsters” are quickly growing up. And their grown-up tastes are geared toward more luxurious fashions that set them apart from their sometimes less-elegant contemporaries.

Of course, there are still ambivalent sentiments among all men where jewelry is concerned. Too many large gold chains and men’s diamond rings can make a lawyer or HR rep feel like a mob boss. On the other hand, just a classic chain bracelet or ring can feel too delicate on a man who wants to avoid feeling feminine.

The good news is that these seemingly ingrained feelings are shifting, and it’s becoming obvious that a necklace or ring will not, in fact, turn you into a mafia hit man. Jewelry on men is increasingly the norm, and jewelry stores are beginning to sell out on pieces like leather bracelets and even diamond men’s jewelry pieces.

Diamond Jewelry in the Rough: Turning the Tides on Male Luxury Jewelry

It’s not than men have never worn jewelry — quite the contrary. In fact, men have been wearing jewelry of various types for thousands of years.

But more recent trends in men’s jewelry (think 1980s, 90s, and 2000s) haven’t been so pretty. We’re talking the bolo ties of the 80s, the shell and macramé necklaces of the 90s, and the studded belts of the 2000s.

It’s up to the men of today, then, to change their own circumstances where jewelry is concerned and look for pieces that are more their style. Fortunately, unlike past decades, trends are homing in on classic styles: diamond men’s rings and diamond men’s bracelets, classic chains, and simple bangles.

Expanding Your Own Jewelry Collection With Classic Pieces

Interested in expanding or starting your own men’s jewelry collection? Here are some ideas to get you started:

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