How to Properly Store Your Fine Jewelry

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A jewelry collection can be one of the most prized possessions in your home. Not only do your items complete your outfit for any given occasion, jewelry can often hold high sentimental value.

To ensure your jewelry remains secure and in tip-top condition, you need to store it properly. The best way to store jewelry will depend on your collection and the types of storage options you have available.

In this article, find out how to store jewelry and keep your precious items at their best.

Where Should You Store Your Jewelry?

When it comes to storing fine jewelry, there are a few main criteria to consider. It needs to be kept somewhere that’s:

  1. Safe and secure.
  2. Easily accessible to you.
  3. Cool and dry (exposure to heat and moisture can damage precious metals and stones).

Many people find that a suitable spot in their bedroom fits these criteria. Inside a drawer, atop a dresser, or even on a dedicated wall are all possible solutions.

How to Organize Your Jewelry for Better Storage

The right jewelry storage really depends on the space you have to work with. Whatever method you choose to store fine jewelry, you’ll want to ensure you protect your jewelry from mechanical damage and tarnishing, and that you can see your options easily. Here are a few popular ways to store jewelry:

  • In a shallow drawer. You can divide it using a special organizer or simply use multiple containers to separate different pieces.
  • In a jewelry box. There are a huge range of options when it comes to jewelry boxes, and the plus is that these are tailor-made for storing fine jewelry. They usually have a soft lining and compartments especially made for various items.
  • Atop a vanity. If you’d rather not have your collection tucked away, you can create a display on a vanity or shelf. You can purchase special jewelry display items, or simply use objects you have in your home.
  • Hanging on the wall. If you’re tight on room, but have some wall space, there are a number of options for storing your jewelry vertically. For example, rods, hooks, and fabric memo boards can provide jewelry storage solutions.

Ideally, jewelry should be stored in its original bag or box as these often have special properties to suit the piece. However, you may find that other solutions work better for you.

How to Store Gold & Platinum Jewelry

Gold (including rose gold and white gold) is quite malleable. This means it’s easy to damage or scratch gold jewelry items. Even gems from other items of jewelry can cause damage. To avoid this, keep gold pieces separate from other pieces.

Platinum, which is increasingly popular in both women’s and men’s jewelry, is less malleable than gold, so dents and scratches are slightly less of a concern. That said, platinum jewelry should still be handled with care.

How to Store Silver Jewelry

One thing to be particularly aware of with sterling silver jewelry and accessories is that this metal can tarnish easily. Tarnishing can be caused by moisture, as well as household chemicals, for example, those found in perfume and hairspray. Silver should be kept completely dry, so high-humidity conditions should be avoided.

Special silver cloth (also known as anti-tarnish cloth) is ideal for storing silver. Some jewelry boxes are lined with this fabric, and pouches are available too. Alternatively, you can wrap jewelry in a polish cloth.

How to Store Your Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds, including colored stones such as black diamonds, are extremely hard. In fact, diamond is the hardest naturally-occurring substance on the planet. As such, diamonds can easily scratch fine metals, such as gold, silver, and platinum, as well as other gemstones. Diamonds should be stored separately from other items, such as in a separate compartment or in a cloth pouch.

Tips for Storing Bracelets

Many people wonder about how to store bracelets in a manner such that they are organized and easily accessible. If you can, store fine bracelets in their original bags or boxes, although you may want to have them visible.

Chunky bracelets and bangles could be placed in a bowl, but there is a danger they can damage each other. Options for storing bracelets separately include on a bar or rod (stood on a flat surface or hanging on a wall), around a small fabric cushion, or hanging on a jewelry tree or carousel.

Tips for Storing Necklaces

The question of how to store necklaces is another that often pops up. Delicate necklaces such as silver or gold chains can easily tangle, so you should try to keep them separated. Similar to bracelets, necklaces should be kept in their original packaging where possible. Failing that, a jewelry tree or pegs on the wall offer alternative options.

Tips for Storing Rings

Rings are often easy to keep in their original box due to their small size. In addition, many jewelry boxes have special compartments for rings which keep them separated and damage-free.

A ring cone is an alternative that prevents damage to the top surface of the rings, but there may be scratching of the sides when you stack them. A small bowl is a popular choice for storing rings, but again, this could lead to scratches.

Tips for Storing Earrings

You may also be wondering how to store earrings. Again, keeping earrings separated is ideal, and if you can keep them in orginal boxes, that’s great. If not, a fabric memo board with pins can be a fun alternative. In a pinch, a cup or candle holder rim can work for separating chandelier earrings.

Security Measures for Protecting Your Jewelry

Unfortunately, jewelry is usually stolen from inside homes. Aside from bumping up your overall home security, there are a few things you can do to avoid having your valuable items stolen. These include locking items in a safe or hiding them in creative places, such as at the back of drawers or inside containers that appear to be for something else entirely. There is also the option of storing jewelry in a safety deposit box.

In case they do go missing, it’s a good idea to add your most valuable items to your home insurance policy. You could alternatively take out a separate jewelry insurance policy.

How to Store the Jewelry You Wear Every Day

You’ll likely want the jewelry items you wear most to be easily accessible. Having a dedicated communal spot for these pieces will save you time having to put them away each evening or retrieving them each night.

You may choose to use a small jewelry organizers that you can keep on your night stand or in a drawer.  These are lined with soft fabric and meet all proper storage criteria. Alternatively, if you tend to forget to put your jewelry on some days, keeping those items on display, for example, on a jewelry tree, will help you remember.

How to Store Your Jewelry While Travelling

When you’re traveling, no doubt you’ll want to take a selection of jewelry to wear with your favorite vacation or business outfits. A travel jewelry organizer is a handy tool that has multiple compartments so you can separate and organize your items. You can either lay it flat in your case, or roll it up and pop it in your purse.

One helpful tip is not to store any fine jewelry in your checked luggage. There’s always a chance your luggage could be lost, so you’re better off keeping your valuables on your person.

Can You Store Jewelry in Plastic Bags?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s generally not a good idea to store jewelry in plastic bags. Plastic can trap moisture which can damage some metals and stones. In addition, some plastics may contain chemicals that can damage the surface of some fine metals, gems, and pearls.

Can You Store Jewelry in a Drawer?

Storing jewelry in a drawer is a good idea, as long as it’s in a cool, dry location. In addition, the  jewelry itself needs to be stored appropriately inside the drawer. For example, pieces should be separated and stored in their original bags or cases, or kept in a soft-lined jewelry box.


Storing your fine jewelry properly can help ensure it always looks its best and retains its value. With some planning and organization, you can keep your fine jewelry in excellent condition, indefinitely. Simply follow the tips above and you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite items for many years to come. If you have any questions about how to care for your fine jewelry, contact us today.