4 Essential Rules for Men’s Accessory Matching

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4 Essential Rules for Men’s Accessory Matching

Men’s accessories may appear simple and straightforward. However, you’d be surprised at how many men still manage to miss the accessorizing mark. And like most key aspects of style, accessories can either make or break an outfit.

If you’d like to get better at accessorizing, take a cue from the pros. The hottest gurus in men’s fashion have come up with the following key accessory-matching rules:

  1. Stay on the Simple Side

When it comes to mens jewelry, scarves, watches, ascots, pocket squares, and winter essentials, simple is always best — especially if you’re not used to accessorizing.

In other words, don’t get too involved matching striped ties and beaded bracelets with chain necklaces and fedoras. Keep it simple. Choose a one-colored fedora. Pair it with a one-colored scarf. And top it off with a simple trio of mens bracelets.

Alternatively, choose just one accessory. Then go crazy. For example, decide to focus on bracelets. Choose 5 or 6 to wear together, and match them with a simple ensemble for a sophisticated look.

  1. Match Timepieces to the Event

All men should have at least two watches. One should be for everyday wear. Your everyday watch can be made of stainless steel or another metal or be a classic round face with a leather band. Depending on your overall style, you may opt for a changeable band. Wear this watch with a black or brown leather band on the weekends, and use it with a metal band for work.

The other timepiece you own should be for special occasions, such as weddings, nights out with your sweetheart, or other formal affairs. Here, you’ll want something classy and sophisticated. A medium-sized round (or square) face — with minimal dial details by way of numbers and minute markers — will do perfectly.

  1. Match Fabrics to Jewelry Styles

If this sounds perplexing, start by realizing that certain fabrics go well with certain jewelry materials. For example, for a classic look, pair shiny gold, silver, or diamond mens jewelry with fabrics like nylon, wool, or seersucker. More relaxed materials like rope or leather look best with fabrics like flannel, denim, and cotton.

  1. Layer Mens Necklaces and Bracelets

A mix of strong and subtle is key when it comes to layering. Mens necklace chains made of silver or gold look stunning alongside pieces made of primarily hemp, beads, or leather. On a fresh spring day, consider a thick, leather bracelet with a thin, delicate bracelet chain on one hand with several thin leather bracelets on the other hand.

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