Are Bracelets the New Necklace? Hot New Bracelet Trends in Men’s Jewelry Fashion

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Are Bracelets the New Necklace? Hot New Bracelet Trends in Men’s Jewelry Fashion

Men’s fashion jewelry comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes. But this year, as spring gets into full swing and summer approaches, we’re seeing a few new trends — in men designer bracelets specifically.

The fact is — necklaces for men are still in, but bracelets are the new It men’s jewelry style (yes, bangles for men).

Intrigued? Read on.

2018 Trends in Men’s Jewelry Fashion: Unique Men’s Bracelets

Johnny Depp popularized both men’s bracelets and necklaces: Eclectic stacked bracelets and a mass of layered necklaces worn with rolled-up sleeves and a buttoned down shirt to show them off. Largely, men took to the necklace trend — sporting chains, chokers, and rope-hewn and beaded necklaces for a hipster, artistic look.

This year, however, unique men’s bracelets win out.

Looking to adopt the trend? Here are our tips and tricks for hot new bracelet styles this season:

#1 – Don’t be afraid to mix and match.

Find bracelet styles that fit your mood and personal flair. You can never have too many; although, if you’re new to the trend, three’s a good place to start.

What goes best together? Try one chain first. We like the delicate Incatenamento Bracelet 332 or the Classico Bracelet 52. These will move and clink fluidly unlike our next two suggestions. Second, go with something bold that your chain can glitter around. Sauro’s Big Leather Bracelet 366 or Rope Titanium Diamond Bracelet 311 are both excellent selections. Finally, top it off with a bracelet that locks, adding a dimension of industrial structure to your trio. This can only be purchased from Sauro. The delicacy of the MiniFlangia Titanium Bangle 307 is perfect — just enough to complement the look, but not overwhelm.

men designer rope bracelet

#2 – Look for bracelets that lock and pop — literally.

Mechanical bracelets that lock into place with titanium? We’re not kidding.

Women have lockets that lock, but what about men? The Titanio collection from Sauro swiftly solves that issue. We mentioned the MiniFlangia Titanium Bangle 307 in the trend tip above, but numerous other locking bracelet options await you as well.

men designer bangle bracelet made of titanium

For a sturdier bangle option, try the Eclisse Alluminum Bangle 302, for example. Finished by hand and featuring high technology with aluminum and titanium materials, this piece is bold and beautiful.

men designer aluminum bangle bracelet

#3 Have a delicate hand.

Who says men can’t be delicate? Sometimes, opposites attract. Or rather, a delicate chain bracelet can foil the man, making him look even more masculine and attractive.

Either way, we love the Incatenamento Bracelet series from Sauro for their brilliant shine and excellent, handmade quality. These bracelets (like the Incatenamento Bracelet 306) look fine on any man’s wrist.

men designer white and yellow gold chain bracelet

Be the Style You Wish to See in the World

Bling-wise, what’s really in this year? Being you. Resolutely flaunting your own personal style and panache. And realizing that this list isn’t exhaustive of the styles you’ll see this season.

Peruse Sauro’s extensive men’s bracelet collection to find pieces that speak to you. Because when you truly love it, you’ll always wear it well.